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Zan Kaufman | Leveling The Playing Field & Asking Life's Bigger Questions

Zan Kaufman is the founder of Bleecker Burger. You may know all about the their world famous burger winning award countless awards such as Best Burger In The World by Foodie Hub. Zan started off her career in New York as a corporate lawyer but after pondering some of lifes bigger questions, Zan started working in a burger joint. This burger and its taste changed Zan and her life - she left her corporate job and worked their full time.

When Zan moved to London in 2011 she began her plans to launch her burger business - Bleecker burger.

What started off as a van in a car park has now grown to 4 restaurants.

We hear all about her journey, the new challenges that come with scaling. Zan dives in to the importance of her values and standing for things bigger than business; equality, inclusion and diversity.

Zan is bloody awesome - I've admired her and Bleecker for years so this was such an honour for me.

Please enjoy my chat with Zan Kaufman from Bleecker Burger.

To listen to the podcast, please head:

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