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Jens Knoop - Knoops Founder | Marginal Gains Over Time In Business

Today's guest is Yens Knoop who is the founder of Knoops - the world-famous artisan hot chocolate shop.

Jens is a chocolate master and has been obsessed with it from a young age. After a career detour in photography, he came back to his passion in 2013 and opened up his first brick and mortar shop.

I love this conversation because Jens is so passionate about what he does and also self-aware of what his skill set is, and leans it to what he is best at. This story is all about patience, building slowly and then pushing the accelerator when the time is right, and learning from your customers along the journey.

I learned so much in this conversation and so will you.

So please enjoy my conversation with Jens.

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