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Teddy Rigby | Everything MasterChef and Moving From Supper Club To Business

Teddy Rigby is the founder of Abbeville Supper Club and was a MasterChef 2020 Quarter-Finalist.

MasterChef is a well known annual cooking show hosted on BBC, the show receives (according to Google) 20,000 applications a year and chooses only 56. I talk with Teddy all about MasterChef and we get to hear a real behind the scenes look of what it is actually like to be on the show, applying, how it runs, what Greg and John are like and so much more. If you like MasterChef this is a must listen.

While waiting to hear from MasterChef Teddy launched his first food business with friend Jean-Pierre Bird (ex professional chef), which is a non-for-profit super club in Clapham called Abbeville Supper Club. They create the most amazing food and had plans to grown, lock down happened and forced Teddy and JP to pivot and start online cooking challenges and food delivery packages for people who need them. They have partnered with a charity called Royal Trinity Hospice and have raised over £6,000 for them. We talk about the lessons learnt in setting up the supper club, how he has had to adapt and future plans for the business.

Please sit back and enjoy my chat with Teddy Rigby.

"It's like that feeling before you're about to jump of a cliff in to water"

Teddy Rigby

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