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Stephanie Johnson | Pollen + Grace Founder & Co-CEO | Growing from your kitchen to National listings

Today on the podcast we have Stephanie Johnson who is Co-founder of Pollen + Grace. We chat all about her journey from the event industry to set up Pollen + Grace and we explore the different elements of scaling it from her kitchen at home to nationwide listings. We chat about the challenges involved in growing and how to overcome them and so much more. It was a joy to chat with Stephanie who you can tell is just loving what she is doing. Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Stephanie from Pollen and Grace

IN THIS EPISODE: 1:30: From event industry to setting up Pollen and Grace

4:00: Taking action on your dreams and not waiting around

6:15: Targeting your first customers

7:15: Reaching out for help and the benefits of sharing the journey

11:00: Managing the co-founder relationship

12:30: Taking a direct approach to land retailers

14:30: Climbing the retailer ladder

16:30: Creating and maintaining year on year growth

18:45: Direct-to-consumer vs retail

20:30: The impact of timing on a business' journey

22:40: Internal creativity vs using external agencies

26:20: The importance of team

28:30: Learning from a failure

To listen to the podcast, please head:

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Spotify Podcast

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