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Stef Pellegrino - Cofounder of Purely | Surround Yourself With People Who Push You To Be Better

Stef Pellegrino is the co-founder of Purely Plantain Chips, a brand on a mission to make the world of snacking more exciting. Stef and her co-founder Mark set up the business in 2017 after traveling around South America where they discovered how delicious the plantain chips were there vs what was out there in the market.

Stef is great in this conversation because we have all had that light bulb moment where we think, I have an idea that I think would work. In this chat Stef unpacks the steps from idea, product testing, branding, packaging to launch and gives real context to the work and time involved in launching a product.

Stef also talks about the value of a coach and how surrounding yourself with people you look up to, that combination was transformational for her journey in business.

So much value in this chat, with so many tips. Sit back and pleas enjoy my conversation with Stef from Purley.

To listen to the podcast, please head:

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