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Sophie McGregor | Going From Idea To Sainsbury's & Building A Brand Beyond Its Product

Today’s guest is Sophie McGregor who is the co-founder of Griddle who make delicious whole grain pancakes with less sugar and no artificial flavours, they are available in Sainsbury’s and Amazon.

This is such a great chat because Sophie really provides context of what it takes and how long it takes to come up with an idea, test the market, manufacture the product and get it in to a retailer.

Not only was Sophie setting up Griddle but her and her co founder Ella we’re working at the same time!

We talk about how she thinks about the importance of standing for something more then just a product but it’s values and Sophie’s and Ella's work with charities over lockdown and future plans for the brand.

This really is such a great chat to get behind the scenes about the journey of getting a product in to a major retailer, please enjoy my chat with Sophie from Griddle.

To listen to the podcast, please head:

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