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Siddhi Mittal - YHANGRY cofounder | The Business Idea Doesn't Matter - Just Get Started

Today on the podcast we have Siddhi Mittal who is the Co-founder of YHANGRY that she launched in 2019 with her co-founder Heinin Zhang. Y/hangry is the The very first affordable private chef platform allowing you to instantly book a professional chef to come cook for you at home From as little as £100 including groceries. Y/Hangry recently raised £1.5 million from notable angel investors and Siddhi and Heinin have also both been shortlisted for Food and Drink Heroes - Service Entrepreneurs Of The Year.

I loved this chat with Siddhi, not only is she super interesting and such a passionate entrepreneur but she gives SO much advice. Whether it is testing your idea, what things to measure for performance, how to find those first customers and so much more. We also dig deep in to a shared passion of ours, reading and writing, and talk about the benefits of both and the impact they have had.

One of my favourite conversations on this podcast so far. Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Siddhi from Y/Hangry

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