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Rushina Shah - Insane Grain Cofounder | Using Your Past Experiences To Craft Your Future

Today's guest is Rushina Shah, the co-founder of Insane Grain - the healthy snack brand championing Sorghum. Rushina's journey is incredible and along the way she has picked up many awards such as; Forbes 30 under 30, grocer's top new talent 2018, NPN's 30 under 30, NatWest great British entrepreneur 2018 finalist, and many others.

We sit down and cover lots in this chat from being a sole founder vs having a co-founder, launching and then rebranding the business, exploring the market before launching to identify a unique opportunity, how to word conversations with supermarket buyers and so much more.

Rushina is amazing and I love chatting with her so please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Rushina from Insane Grain. IN THIS CHAT: 1:30: Lessons from 5 years as a brand manager at P&G 4:00: Searching for that lightbulb moment 5:30: Researching the market to identify opportunities 7:30: Manufacturing and the challenges involved in finding a partner 10:30: Lessons from early product testing and rebranding 13:30: Networking leading to opportunities 15:00: The relaunch 16:00: Sole founder vs co-founder 18:30: Launching 8 days before Covid 20:00: Obstacles creating new opportunities 21:30: How to speak to retail buyers 25:30: Getting yourself out there and championing the brand 27:30: Educating people on a new product 31:20: An amazing way to find an investor

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