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Rimi Thapar - LoveRaw Founder | Trusting Your Gut & Finding Product Market Fit

Rimi Thapar is the co-founder of LoveRaw - The fastest-growing UK plant-based chocolate brand.

From an idea that started strolling around the Spanish food markets - LoveRaw has become the fastest-growing vegan chocolate brand in the UK.

In this chat, we cover all things from taking those first steps from idea to product, not being scared to dream big and aim high, and how to keep hustling and get noticed, Rimi tells us an amazing story about how she got in front of a buyer from wholefoods. Finding product-market fit and balancing life as a mum and a CEO. This chat is incredible and so is Rimi so please sit back and enjoy our conversation!

To listen to the podcast, please head:

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Spotify Podcast

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