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Peter Butler - Cofounder of Dispatch | Mince Pies, Scalability, Product Market Fit, Consumer Dining

Peter Butler is the Co-founder of Dishpatch, a company that brings the UK's best restaurants to your home with nationwide meal kit delivery.

Pete started off his career working in the city but felt the pullback to his lifelong passion, food, and hospitality. From a young age Pete had worked in restaurant kitchens, he took cooking courses so he decided to take the dive and set up his first business. We talk all about his journey with 3 different start-ups he founded, the lessons he learnt and Pete offers some incredible principles that we can all use. We hear all about how he convinced the best chefs in the UK to take part in a challenge in under 6 weeks, and how much a mince pie can sell for. Then we dive into Dishpatch and discuss the shift in consumer behaviour from eating out to dining at home and whether this trend is here to stay. This chat is incredible and you can tell that Pete has learned a lot in his journey and I've tried my best to extract that gold. So please sit back and enjoy my interview with Pete from Dispatch. 2mins: Chat about the Mince Pie Project, Convincing 50 of the best UK chefs to get involved 7mins: Chat about his time at the Boston Consulting Group and why he left 9 mins: Principles to find out what you're interested in 13 mins: Product-market fit and the challenges around it 16 mins: Scalability and why it's important 18 mins: Dispatch and the origin 23 mins: Co-founders and what principles matter and why 26 mins: Convincing your first customer 28 mins: Consumer trend shift to dining at home - here to stay or not 33 mins: Books to read 36 mins: What to order of Dishpatch

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