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Olly Hiscocks | Growing From A Market Stall With £50 To An International Brand

This week my guest is Olly Hiscocks who is the founder of Olly's. 4 years ago he entered the olive market and reinvented the category. They have gone on to do nuts and their most recent innovation has been snacking pretzels as a better alternative to crisps.

What started off in his kitchen and a market stall, Olly's are stocked in Sainsbury's, Ocado, Selfridges, Virgin trains, Major airlines, Euro star and many others.

Olly talks about how he set up his business with less then 50 pounds and how he trialed the product with friends and family and at markets. We talk all about how he thinks about following your gut and staying true to yourself in the brand and everything you do and how he try's to turn any problem in to a win.

Olly is such a humble, great guy and he offers so much advice in this interview. Please Enjoy my chat with Olly the founder of Olly's.

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