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Nick Coleman - The Snaffling Pig Co-founder | Building A Business You Love With Purpose

My guest today is serial entrepreneur Nick Coleman, not only is he the co-founder of The Snaffling Pig but also the Medical Supermarket, Storage Buddy, and Start-up Logistics.

In this chat, you are going to hear all about his first venture into business, but what I really love about this conversation, is the realisation that running your own business and being your own boss isn't enough, what really matters is having that purpose and passion for a business that really ignites the fire in you. We also dive into the business fundamentals from cash flow, diversity, and de-risking the business, and one topic I loved - Lean Management. Nick is a legend and really tells the story of why starting a food business is brilliant. So please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Nick from The Snaffling Pig. IN THIS CHAT: 02:00 - Mindset shift from employee to business owner 06:30 - Other business ideas 07:45 - Finding your passion in a business 13:00 - Starting a business with £500 16:00 - What drives you in business and in life long term 20:30 - Snaffling Pig launch strategy 23:30 - Diversifying and de-risking the business 27:30 - Cashflow - the importance and how to manage it 32:00 - Lean Management/Lean Manufacturing 36:00 - Big Hairy Audacious Goal

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