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Morten Toft-Bech - The Meatless Farm Founder | Building The Fastest Growing UK Meat Alternative

Today on the podcast we have Morten Toft Bech who is the founder of The Meatless Farm Co.

Prior to founding The Meatless Farm Co Morten had a previous life in technology which he founded his first company in 1996. From then Morten achieved his MBA and founded a fintech business and then in 2015 decided to explore meat alternative options to build a more sustainable future for our planet- and Meatless Farm was born.

In this chat we cover so much, Morten is a true entrepreneur with so much wisdom so was an honour to have Morten on. I learned so much so please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Morten from meatless farm

To listen to the podcast, please head:

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