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Max & Olly Kohn - The Jolly Hog | The 13-Year Over Night Success

This week on the podcast we have Max & Olly Kohn from The Jolly Hog - you may know them for their bacon, their sausages, their scotch eggs, or one of the other products they do which are stocked nationally across the largest retailers.

The Jolly Hog was born in 2008 with Olly making sausages in his downtime. Thinking they were on to something, Josh, his brother, set up in Harlequins rugby club where Olly played professional rugby to sell sausages. After rave reviews from people buying the sausages, they convinced Max to come on board. And then, the three brothers joined forces. The rugby player, the shipbroker, and the cabinet maker too form the Jolly Hog.

The story of the Jolly Hog is so authentic and you hear all about it in this conversation. Their success is national now, but this was no overnight success. We talk about their 13-year journey to get to where they are now, how they thought the global pandemic was the end of their business, and just what grit and determination it takes to keep going and come out thriving.

Max and Olly bring so much value in this chat, it will make you laugh, captivate you with their story and feel like you can overcome any obstacle.

Oh, they also tell you their one Jolly Hog product you should go a try today - I did - and it is incredible!

Please, sit back and enjoy my conversation with Max and Olly from The Jolly Hog

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