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My July Pick Of The Month

Every month I pick a book I am enjoying reading. Julys pick was:

Show Your Work - Austin Kleon

“Be so good they can't ignore you but you can't wait to be found you need to be findable”

Why I love this book:

There are so many interesting people out there doing great work, I bet only a handful are sharing their work for others to enjoy with them. People think only they find what they do interesting or worry people will judge them. This book tell you why you are wrong and why you need to show your work.

Questions get asked: Imagine if you never had to apply for a job because people found you or turning your side project in to a full time job. It begins to make you think about all the possibilities.

Ultimately it shows you that you don't have to be perfect and gets you comfortable not being. It helps you understand the biggest gap isn't from going from average to great its going from doing NOTHING to SOMETHING and how there is an audience out there for you.

It is a great read and it changed my view on putting my thoughts in public. I have started a blog, a website and actively talk about things on other platforms. It's what I've always wanted to do and the connections I've made already are remarkable. Sometimes we just need to get out of the way of ourselves. This books helped me with that.

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