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Julie Waddell - Moorish Humous & Dips Founder | Not Over-Thinking & Taking Action

Today on the Podcast we have Julie Waddell, who is the founder of Moorish. They make award-winning hummus and dips that are stocked across Sainsbury's, Ocado, Waitrose, and many others. I'm a huge fan, their original smoked hummus is a staple in my fridge at home.

Julie's journey is extraordinary: in 2010, while working in broadcast journalism at the BBC, she came up with the idea that would change up the hummus market, she perfected the recipe and decided to start selling her product. However the pressure mounted when in 2011 her husband was diagnosed with epilepsy, unable to drive for a year, Julie had to take responsibility for the family and her business.

This is such an inspiring story of unwavering drive and determination to make something successful. I love how Julie talks about listening to your gut, following the signs, and not overthinking but taking action. It is a lesson for us all and you can hear the impact it had on her journey.

This chat had me gripped and it has just got so many gems in it, you also get a guest appearance from my new dog towards the end who wanted to make himself heard - so please sit back and enjoy my chat with Julie from Moorish.

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