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Jonny Burnett - Conscious Food Co | Pausing, Hitting Refresh & Using The Past To Build The Future

Jonny Burnett is the co-founder of The Conscious Food Co, which delivers only local, sustainable, ethically sourced Fish & Meat, straight from local fishing boats and farmers.

Jonny started his career as a chef at the age of 15, training at the river cottage. He then moved to work at Raymond Blanc's two Michelin Star restaurant. After a few other Michelin restaurants in between, Jonny decided to launch his first restaurant, becoming the youngest chef in Europe to ever do so.

During the first lockdown, Jonny founded the Romajos community meals in his local town, which started off as a few free meals scaled to 88 volunteers and serving over 1200 free meals a week. He and the team served over 17,000 meals and raised over £24,000 and Jonny donated £5000 to North Somerset Community Hospital.

Jonny's journey is truly remarkable and one to listen to, it really is a roller coaster ride and a very sobering reality of what it is like to set up your own business and all the things that encompass the day-to-day activities. How taking a break is a positive thing and how to take all your experience and lessons from the past and bring them together to create new things.

I love this chat and it really resonated with me so much so I hope it will with you. Sit back and enjoy my conversation with Jonny from The Conscious Food Co.

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