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Joe Taylor | Lessons From Working At The Biggest UK Food Companies to Being A Founder

Today on the podcast we have Joe Taylor who is the co-founder of Real Handful.

Joe was working in IT and while backpacking in America in 2006 had the idea for trail mixes and saw a gap in the market.

Joe left the world of computers and entered the food and drink world where he worked for notable companies such has Innocent and Heinz, to name a few.

10 years after his initial inspiration, in 2016 he set up Real Handful with his wife Carley: frustrated with the snacks offering the next health miracle or being pure indulgent they set out to make better snacks that improve lives using plant based foods.

Joe's journey is an incredible listen, we chat about so may things from the benefits of working at a start up & large companies, the embrace of the food and drink culture, unpacking your idea to your why, category and the market, how to open conversations with retails industry leaders and how to frame conversations and so much more.

So much value in this conversation. Please Enjoy this episode with Joe Taylor.

To listen to the podcast, please head:

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