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Joe Moruzzi - Pleesecakes Founder | Why Failing Is Your Path To Success

Joe Moruzzi is the founder of Pleesecakes who make the most incredible, cheesecake porn, if you will, desserts. They are stocked in Selfridges, Whole foods and have nationwide delivery. They have over 216 thousand followers on instagram and have been enjoyed by many big celebrities, including the queen.

Joe started making cheesecakes in 2015 while running a painting and decorating company, two years later he decided to launch an instagram page to try sell 5 a month while still working. In January 2017 he launched the page and on the first day he got 50 orders and within a week over 15,000 followers.

He had a crazy first year, appearing on ITV this morning, getting a book deal and publishing it, as mentioned making a queen for the cake and being asked to go on Dragons Den.

But with all that success on the surface, what is really going on behind the scenes? We talk about the sacrifices Joe had to make, the debt he got himself in, the crazy hours worked and his love for failure. Joe gives such an honest account of what it is like to grow a company from the bottom up, but he emphasises he's not special, he had no unique skill or head start, anyone can do it with the right mindset and work ethic.

I loved chatting to Joe and it was just so nice to hear how honest he was about all the bumps on the way. Its a great listen and the journey is amazing.

Please enjoy my chat with Joe from Pleesecakes.

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