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Jason Mulhall | The Power of Trial and Error, Perseverance and getting from 1 client to 50

Today my guest is Jason Mulhall who is the founder of Karnival. Karnival work with some of the biggest companies in the world and smaller start-ups and create pop up food experiences in their offices.

We talk about his journey in to entrepreneurship and how he was actively brain storming ideas and problems to solve so he could create a company. Jason tried other business ideas and after experiments and tests he realised they weren't going to achieve what he had set out to. Jason Didn't give up and kept trying new ideas and came across the idea of setting up street food pop-ups inside offices and founded his company.

We talk about how he convinced these companies in 2016 to let different street food brands come from the streets of London and in to the office to sell food - it may seem obvious now - but 5 years ago it wasn't a big thing. We talk about how he scaled from one client to 50. This is a great chat because its a really honest account of not only trial and error, but not giving up, persevering and starting small and growing big!

Jason is a friend and he is such a lovely bloke - I could chat forever with him about food and business - please enjoy my chat with Jason from Karnival.

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