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Jamie Crummie - Too Good To Go Co-Founder | Combatting Food Waste By Empowering People

Today's guest is Jamie Crummie who is the co-founder of Too Good To Go. If you don't know who Too Good To Go is, they're an app connecting businesses that have unsold food with consumers who can purchase, collect and enjoy it so that it doesn’t go to waste. Globally they have over 20 million registered users who have saved more than 30 million meals from going to waste. 2.5 million of these users are based in the UK. Incredible!

Jamie is inspiring, chatting to someone who is so driven by a purpose, eradicating food waste, that ultimately he would happily put himself out of business to achieve it. We cover so much in this chat from taking an idea and getting it to launch, overcoming resistance, and educating your customers to get them on board, and how to create change by empowering people.

We recorded this first thing on Monday after the World Cup final so forgive us if we are a bit mellow.

But please, sit back and enjoy my conversation with Jamie from To Good To Go. IN THIS CHAT:

1:30 - How awareness grew of social and environmental issues

4:50 - Seeing issues and getting insights

7:15 - Turning those insights in to a business

8:30 - Launching a business with the basics

10:30 - Letting go of your pre-conceptions

12:00 - Collaboration "Far along, further together"

14:15 - Launching; overcoming resistance

16:00 - Getting those first customers

20:30 - How to change peoples behavior with joy and empowerment

27:50 - Balancing purpose-driven goals-against commercial goal

31:30 - What we can do to be better

33:00 - Further readings

To listen to the podcast, please head:

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