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Jacqueline Barleycorn - The Great British Porridge Co | Not Overthinking & Following Your Gut

Jacqueline Barleycorn is the founder of The Great British Porridge Co that launched in 2018 with a mission to get people more excited about porridge with flavours such as strawberry and peanut butter, They are now stocked in Sainsbury's across the country.

Before porridge Jacqueline and her husband had just settled in to retirement but Jacqueline decided that wasn't for her so decided to start a business. This is such a great listen because so often in business world it is preached about business strategy and how there is a right and wrong way to do it but Jacqueline is so humble about her skill set and is a perfect example of how you should follow you gut and trust in the process and things can fall in to place. Talking to Jacqueline was so refreshing and a reminder of why business is so exciting because there is no right or wrong path - it is just your path! Sit back and please enjoy my conversation with Jacqueline from The Great British Porridge Co.

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