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Imran Merza | Perspective, Habits & Routines to Build A Multi-Million Pound Sweet Business

Imran Merza - who is Imran?

He is the founder of Jealous Sweets. I first came across Jealous Sweets in a coffee shop, they caught my eye, and they're absolutely delicious. They are stocked in Asda, Ocado and they are generating revenue in the millions.

Jealous sweets was set up back in 2010 and launched it in 2011 with his co-founder Taz, they started off in Selfridges as gifting boxes and grow their product and range from there. We chat about how they went about developing the perfect vegan natural sweet in 2010, We hear about Imran's persistence to get in front of the buyers at the major retailers. We dive in to his mindset, how the habits and routines he has engrained in his day-to-day set him up for success and we hear the advice he got from industry legends.

This conversation really dives deep in to the mindset of how to create a happy, abundant life and focus in business. Imran offers great tips with actionable advice on how you can start adding things to your daily routine to improve your mindset. Imran is a legend and we could have chatted all day about business.

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