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Hugo Campbell | Capturing Attention, Co-Founders, Being A Pro Caterer And Much More

Hugo Campbell is the founder of Feast It, an events booking platform ranging from food and drink to staff and photographers. Launching in 2016 it has grown and has been shortlisted for "Disruptor of The Year" for Great British Entrepreneur Awards and named Number 7 in Start Up's top 100 UK companies in 2020.

Hugo founded the business with long-term friend Digby. They have raised £2.7m in funding. Hugo is an amazing founder. We talk about how to capture attention in articles, importance of co-founders, Paul Graham's "13 Things You Should Know About Starting A Company" and goal setting for the team. He finishes off with golden advice for any food caterers about how to stand out.

We also chat about how when they turned their business live online and within five minutes they took a huge booking!

"You're only as good as what you measure"

Hugo Campbell

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