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Helenor & Mike Rogers | Why Your Mission Is Bigger Than Your Product

Helenor and Mike are the founders of Troo - you may have seen their granola or porridge in places such as Sainsbury's or Waitrose. They create delicious granola, porridge and syrups that all promote gut health, with high levels of functional fibre, low sugar and made with all natural ingredients.

Helenor started making granola at home for her son after seeing how much sugar is in shop bought options and this ultimately led to the business being set up. Mike noticed the early signs of the big trend towards gut health and they set out a their mission to sell amazing tasting granola and porridge while educating the population about gut health.

We cover so much in this chat, you'll hear one of the most amazing stories that really captures the entrepreneurial spirit of Helenor and Mike when they talk about their pitch to Sainsbury's. We also talk about why standing for a mission that is bigger than your product is so important and how it shapes your future business operations. We cover gut health and just how important it is in your life and behind the scenes of what it was like scaling Troo.

Mike and helenor are husband and wife and they are so fun and enjoyable to chat to. Not only are they exceptional business minded individuals but they are also TV stars that we touch on at the end. I think you'll be able to tell just how much I enjoyed chatting with them. Sit back and please enjoy my chat with Mike and Helenor from Troo.

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