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Gaz Booth - Holy Moly Dips Cofounder | Laying The Foundations To Grow & Scale

Today's guest we have Gaz, the cofounder of Holy Moly Dips, The all-natural, guacamole dips, which are absolutely delicious by the way and the best on the market. Sadly Tom couldn't make it due to a last-minute work commitment but Gaz stepped in for both of them and did not disappoint. Gaz's value in this chat is incredible and is a must listen to for anyone setting up or at the start of the journey. We cover so much from their founding story, failing fast and cheaply, the fundamentals you need to focus on in a business to scale, building core values into your business that you do not deviate from and so much more.

I was cheeky and kept Gaz longer than I said I would, but the value he provided was too good to miss out on. So please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Gaz from HolyMoly. IN THIS CHAT: 1:30: Co-founder relationships and creating a successful dynamic 4:40: Previous ventures and brainstorming ideas 6:20: Holy Moly beginnings 8:50: Asking the silly questions and framing things differently 10:30: How to create a brand in an existing category 11:20: Fail fast, fail cheaply 16:30: Who is your target customer 20:10: Getting for manufacturer on board 25:20: Testing your product idea of retail buyers first 27:50: Side hustling with your corporate job 30:30: Business fundamentals you need to focus on 35:30: The Holy Moly Commandments 39:00: Making a buzz around your product 44:30: Effects of Covid 47:30: Holy Moly, what's coming next.

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