Finn Lagun - Pasta Evangelists Co-founder | How To Market Your Business From £0 to £Millions

Finn Lagun is the co-founder of Pasta Evangelists and the Chief Marketing Officer. Pasta Evangelists deliver fresh, restaurant quality pasta to your door. Finn joined in 2017 and he and his co-founders launched the business in 2018. Later that year they appeared on Dragons Den and told they were told they were "Pasta Le Disaster" and delusional. Fast forward to 2021 a majority stake was just purchased by Barilla.

Fin unpacks all the secrets behind scaling a direct to consumer band, how you stand out in food market, how to create authority in the industry, the most successful marketing channels and so much more. Finn gives so much incredible advise for anyone marketing food, especially anyone doing direct to consumer marketing. Finn is someone I really look up to and admire a lot so this was such a huge honour for me. Sit back and please enjoy my chat with Finn Lagun from Pasta Evangelists.

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