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Eloise Head | Turning Your Hobby Into A Business & Creating A Following Of 1.2+ Million Followers

Eloise Head is the founder of Fitwaffle. If recently you have been on social media and you came across some mouth-watering food pictures or incredible home baking recipes there is a chance it was Eloise with Fitwaffle. She has over 1.2 Million followers and her recipes get picked up weekly by the national media and get tens of thousands of shares. If you want to have some home baking recipe inspiration head to her page: Fitwaffle Kitchen. Eloise started the page just over 3 years ago that started off as a hobby when she and her partner, Bernie, would post photos of their cheat meals. That page grew in popularity and Eloise started getting requests from restaurants to post content for them. Eloise grew the fitwaffle platform and over the years has gained over 1.2m followers and it is now a fully fledged business.

This was so interesting to talk to Eloise. A couple of episodes back I spoke with David Templer who creates contents for brands but Eloise does it specifically for food brands. You really see how this is such a huge industry and once you have the following there is a lot of money to be made.

Eloise gives such a honest and open review of what it takes to grow a platform like she has and the time and effort it takes on a daily basis to manage it. We also chat about what it is like when your hobby becomes your full time job.

I loved chatting with Eloise, she is one of the nicest, happy and most genuine people I have met and it comes across in this interview. Please enjoy my conversation with Eloise Head from Fitwaffle.

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