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Dominique Woolf | How To Launch Your Business, Even In A National Lock Down

Dominique Woolf is the founder of The Woolf's Kitchen - They make the most amazing sauces such as Tamarin Ketchup, Jalapeno and Lime and have just launched some new nuts!

Dominique launched her business in the middle of lock, oh and she is also a mum of three all under the age of 5!

Dominique talks all about how you find your calling for a business and the importance of tasting and experiencing different career paths. Dominique started in the music industry but didn't quite feel it was her true calling - until she came back to her Thai inspiration.

What started of as an idea quickly turned in to Dominique creating sauces at home and then going to a market and selling 250 bottles in 2 days. That gave Dominique the fuel to launch the business that was planned in April but then the UK national lock down came in but that didn't stop Dominique and she launched in June. The Woolf's Kitchen and Dominique's journey has got national press, radio coverage and led to her being the finalist of Enterprise Nations Female Start-Up of the year.

Dominique breaks down all the stages involved in creating the product, immersing yourself in the category, testing the product, building the brand and selling. This is a great listen for aspiring food business founders looking to get the hints and tips to launch their business! Please enjoy my chat with Dominique from The Woolf's Kitchen.

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