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David Templer | How To Grow A Community & Business Around What You Love

David Templer is a fitness and food enthusiast who has taken his side project and turned it in to a complete business. Also known as Temptation or the Shirtless Chef, David has around 400,000 thousand followers across his social media platform.

David went away travelling and started a Instagram account and it has grown and taken him on to TV shows such as Hairy Biker's Chocolate Challenge and also had his video picked up by Gordon Ramsey that made it on to the Daily Mail and ITV's Lorraine. David is seen to never take himself too seriously on his social media platforms but in this interview we dive in to the business behind social media and what it really looks like. David talks about how to build a community of followers around what you love and how to create a business around that. David also goes in to some of his brand deals and shows us the scale they can reach. This is a little different from our normal interviews, however, it is intentionally showing you how a food business can move beyond conventional shop fronts and be a social media business.

People want to do stuff too quickly - when I look to where I am now it has taken me 6 years - consistency is the key.

David Templer

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