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Dan Pope | Why Joining A Start-Up Can Be More Valuable Than Being A Founder

This weeks guest is Dan Pope - Who is the sales manager for ManLife, One of the leading UK peanut butter brands shaking up the category. Dan was employee number 2 at the company.

Dan graduated university - all his other friends took jobs in London and followed the corporate route but Dan took a different journey that lead him to a few different places. Dan talks about the value of his non-conventional job and what he learnt. Eventually his path ran in to the Founder of ManiLife and Dan decided to join. We hear all about the value of being an employee at a start-up, what it is really like versus what people think it is like, on being a sponge soaking up all the information of people around him and how he learns from his mistakes.

This is such a great interview because people think they have to set up a company and be a founder, but what about being a number 2 or 3? Or being an employee and treating it as your mentorship to eventually go on to set up something yourself? A lot of interesting ideas we cover in this chat and Dan gives a really honest insight in to life at a start-up, what a typical week might look like and what he has personally got from his experience.

Please enjoy my chat with Dan from ManiLife

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