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Dafna Ciechanover Bonas - Indie Bay Snacks Founder | Taking On Healthy Snacking

Dafna Ciechanover Bonas is the founder of Indie Bay Snacks - the snack with benefits.

Dafna has had many lives in her career;

Dafna cofounded and ran Founders Pledge and now is a Trustee.

Dafna was also was COO of Eden McCallum, a disruptor in the strategy consulting space. Dafna began her career at Procter and Gamble and McKinsey, later starting the European operations of tech companies including excite! and eos Ventures. Dafna studied at Stanford University and achieved a master's from Harvard Business School.

Dafna shares all about her incredible journey and lessons along the way in this chat, I always say, learn from people much smarter than you, Dafna is definitely someone I learned a lot from.

To listen to the podcast, please head:

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Spotify Podcast

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