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Craig Jones - Cheesies Co-founder | Lessons From Three Start-Ups

Today's guest is Craig Jones who is the co-founder of Cheesies - the delicious cheese-baked snack.

Craig's career has taken him many places, from jumping straight from university to becoming a founder of a bike storage company, going on and working for Innocent and Pieminster. After his time there, he decided it was time to become a founder again and went on to co-create Fiovanna drinks, with his current co-founder, David Folkman. After some time with Fiovanna, they decided it was time to move on to their next challenge, Cheesies!

In this chat we cover a lot from:

  • Getting and keeping big listings with retailers

  • Knowing if it is a good co-founder fit

  • Common issues and themes in start-ups in food and drink

  • Finding those first 100 customers

  • What is the key data to focus on

  • Amazon - challenges and opportunities

  • Books

This really is a great chat with a lot of insight, so please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Craig from Cheesies.

To listen to the podcast, please head:

Apple Podcast

Spotify Podcast

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