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Charlotte Dauzat - Gato Cofounder | Adapting In An Ever-Changing World

This week on the podcast we have Charlotte Dauzat, The Co-founder of GATO who make delicious plant-based snacks.

Charlotte has had a career that has taken her across the world working in many different roles, from management consulting to head of marketing. After studying patisserie at the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu culinary school, charlotte decided to found her own company.

I love this chat because it is just such an honest chat about the challenges involved in starting a business. You can set off on a path of what you think the business will be, but then as you learn, you adapt and the business can change and evolve with you. We talk about the personal side of the business, the stress it can have finically on you, and the lonely side of being a sole founder and the difference having someone along for the journey can make, personally and on the business. I loved chatting with charlotte and appreciated how honest and open she was.

So please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Charlotte from Gato


1:30: Lessons from multiple jobs in multiple locations

2:40: Working as an entrepreneur and getting ideas for business

4:30: Passion for food

6:30: Gato and its creations

10:00: Le Cordon Bleu - lessons from one of the best cookery schools in the world

13:10: Creating Gato out of cookery school

15:30: Coming up against operational challenges and pivoting

17:30: Co-founder Kim and her impact on the business

21:30: Sole-founder VS Co-founder

23:10: Running out of money and Raising money

26:00: Dragons Den

29:30: Lessons from pivoting the business

32:10: Pandemic - the impact

To listen to the podcast, please head:

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Spotify Podcast

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