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Charlie Thuillier - Oppo Ice Cream Co-founder | How To Break The Rules

Today our guest is Charlie Thuiller, the Co-founder of Oppo Brothers Ice Cream, the award-winning, lower-calorie ice cream he, and his co-founder, his brother Harry, created in 2012. I'm a HUGE fan of Oppo ice cream and as you'll hear me and my partner smash through multiple tubs a week so this was a special interview for me.

We cover a lot in this chat, and charlie has got bundles of great advice and actionable tips for us to take on board.

We chat about rules, when they can be broken, how to reach for the opportunities when people see challenges, how to move towards your strengths, mistakes made and lessons learned from the oppo journey, brazil, and how experiences move beyond that one moment and can last a lifetime.

Charlie is so humble and it made it easy to chat away with him, so please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Charlie from Oppo. IN THIS CHAT: 1:30: "Good Morning David" a phrase at Oppo - what it means and why 4:00: Lessons from the drink giant Diageo 8:00: Eating The Big Fish - What is Intelligent Naivety 10:10: "Rules are easier to break when you don't know they exist" 17:00: Questions to ask yourself if you can innovate a category 19:40: See opportunities where people see challenges, see rewards where people see risks 24:45: How to identify your strengths and use them 28:30: Determination & sacrifices at the start and reflecting back on them 30:30: Mistakes made at the start of Oppo 35:00: Brazil Trip: How experiences go beyond the moment and last a lifetime 41:10: Fitness & Health 44:00: TedX and public speaking tips

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