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Cathy Moseley - Boundless Founder | Leaving A 25-year Career In Finance To Number 1 Gut Health Snack

Today's Guest is Cathy Moseley who is the founder of Boundless Activated Snacking.

Cathy worked for 25 years in the city but decided she wanted a change - so she set out to create her own business.

This is such an amazing conversation because we cover a wide range of things. One that stands out for me is that after leaving her career, Cathy is so open to talking about her failures and how they helped get her to where she is now.

Cathy gives incredible insight into hacks in how to find a manufacturer, how to succeed in a trial with a major retailer, how to build your direct-to-consumer channel, and real data behind the trends she is seeing.

This was a favourite of mine - Cathy is a bundle of joy to talk to and you can't help but get caught up in her enthusiasm and passion. This is one to listen to so please enjoy my conversation with Cathy from Boundless. IN THIS CHAT: Leaving school at 16 - the lessons learnt Leaving a 25-year career behind to start a business Street food - lessons learnt Formation of Boundless How to evaluate if your heart is your business still How to find a manufacturer - some great hacks How to run a successful trial at a major retailer Getting other retailers on board Importance of DTC and how to do it well Gut health - trend analysis with data

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