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Asher Flowers | Asher Flowers | Creating A Company with £350 To National Listings With Ocado, Cook a

Asher Flowers is the founder of Rogue, they create the most exceptional jams and chutneys from the likes of Espresso Martini Marmalade, Negroni Marmalade and many others.

Asher left his job in PR in London and moved back to Wales to set up his business. He started with £350 and began selling it at market stalls and trade shows. He got his break and pitched to Sainsbury's and Ocado and his national distribution journey began.

Asher is very open and honest about the mistakes he has made and discusses the lessons he has learnt on his journey. It really is a story of lots of ups and downs but Asher gives great advice on how to keep going.

We discuss how he got to meet the buyers for these big supermarkets and what a typical deal looks like. We talk about his experience with crowd funding and what the future holds for the business.

This is a great listen and it is really interesting to understand the scale and branding needed to go from a market stall to national distribution.

Please enjoy my conversation with Asher Flowers

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