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How To Build A International Brand and Gain 100k + Followers | Angie Gerwagis - EP 3

Angie Gewargis is the founder of My Cookie Dough who make the most incredible desserts. Since opening their first site in Cardiff they have expanded at a rapid pace and now have 14 operating across the UK and in the Middle East.

Angie came across the idea while at university with her co-founder Ricki. We talk about how branding was the most important thing and how it needs to be one of the first things to think about. Angie breaks down their methods and how it led to them growing such a fan base. We cover social media and the importance that has had for their growth and Angie delivers tips on how to grow on social.

If you want to see some amazing desserts that will make you drool, click here

Another interview with an amazing founder - please enjoy.

"I had to run out and buy a fridge and bring it back on a trolley - we had to do some mad stupid things to survive those three days"

Angie Gerwagis

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