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Andy Lawson - FodaBox Founder | Mastering the Direct to Consumer World

This week on the podcast we have Andy Lawson who is the founder of Borough Box now known as FodaBox - the online marketplace for independent food and drink brands.

I consider Andy to be a direct-to-consumer master. After spending years in the digital marketing area, Andy decided to apply his love for food, particularly from individual artisan producers, and bring them both together to create an online platform for these brands to showcase themselves.

Andy also runs the logistic side of delivery for other brands, so that combined with his experience with borough box means he has had years of experience gaining insight into online trends, mistakes online brands make, and how key knowing your numbers are, and he shares his insight into all of it in this chat. I spent most of the conversation listening and taking notes, I learned so much, and so will you. So please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Andy from FodaBox. IN THIS CHAT: 1:30: Passion for food 5:30: Leaving a secure job for uncertain food start-up 12:30: Bootstrapping VS investment 14:30: Covid impact & new growth opportunities 17:50: Getting producers onboarded 20:30: Power of growing organically 21:30: Mistakes start-ups make online 26:40: Driving online sales traffic 31:30: Difference between DTC and Retail 33:30: DTC trend - here to stay? 38:30: Current online trends

To listen to the podcast, please head:

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