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Amy Moring - Hunter & Gather Cofounder | Start With A Mission - The Rest Will Follow

Today's guest is Amy Moring who is the co-founder of Hunter & Gather who she founded with her partner, Jeff who is also her partner in life.

Too often we can think about creating a business because that's what we want to do, that's what everyone is doing at the moment, but the question people can stumble on is what is the product. In this conversation, we talk all about starting a business with a mission, a purpose, and from that, your product is formed. It becomes your north star for everything.

Amy deeply understands her business and her community and she shares the approach she took to grow Hunter and Gather year on year at a crazy rate. It is a fantastic chat so sit back, and enjoy my conversation with Amy for Hunter and Gather. IN THIS CHAT: 1:30: having ideas and assumptions and testing them with the hard questions

5:00: Having your mission first then creating a product around it

7:45: The mission guides you to your customers and your market

10:45: How to learn new skills and how to play to your strength

15:30: Getting started with Hunter and Gather

19:00: The secret to year-on-year double or triple-digit growth.

24:00: Building an online community

28:30: The importance of talking to your community and listening

30:00: How to have a successful relationship and Business with your partner

To listen to the podcast, please head:

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