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Amanda Argent - Soupologie Cofounder | How To Become A Best Selling Brand & Stay One

Today we have Amanda Argent who is the co-founder of Soupologie & Foodologie, which she set up in 2012 with her husband Stephen.

Stephen who had just sold his business and started making soup with Amanda. After it being a big hit with friends and family they decided to try sell it.

Fast forward to today Soupologie is stocked in Waitrose and has been a best seller on Ocado since 2014 & Foodologie is in 450 Tesco stores nationwide.

This is such a great chat for two reasons, one because even despite all the success, Amanda is so humble and doesn't shout about her impact in the business as she leads the sales and marketing of the business. Secondly, she breaks down how to have a top selling brand and how to stay one for over 6 years.

I loved talking to Amanda and if you listened to a recent interview with Jacqueline from The Great British Porridge Co - you begin to see a theme of just following your gut and keeping things simple and things fall in to place.

So sit back and please enjoy my conversation with Amanda from Soupologie & Foodologie

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