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Adam Sopher - Cofounder of Joe & Seph's Gourmet Popcorn | Building A Company On Values

Today's guest is Adam Sopher who is the co-founder of Joe & Seph's - the family-run gourmet popcorn makers, with flavours such as Salted Caramel all the way to Bakewell Tart. Joe & Seph's was founded in 2010 by Joeseph, his wife and their son, Adam. They have given the wonderful listeners of The Recipe for Greatness 20% off online on all orders above £12. Just enter the discount code RECIPE20 at the checkout. VALID UNTIL JULY 8th 2021

I loved talking with Adam because Joe & Seph's has grown organically and you get a real sense of the impact that has had on the operation and culture of the business. We cover so much in this chat from taking overseas concepts and testing them in the UK, how to remain independent and just focus on quality, the reality of business vs what people think it is like, impacts of covid and Brexit, and the shift they have made to a direct to consumer business and how the tactics they have used to make it successful, Oh and so much more!

I love Joe & Seph's so this was a huge honour for me. Check out the video of the popcorn being made, it's amazing! HERE 2 mins: How to weigh up leaving your job 6:30: Building an unknown category 8:30: Testing overseas concepts in the UK 12:00: Educating people on a new product 14:00: Quality vs profits battle 16:00: Organic growth vs external investment growth 20:30: The reality of running a food business 22:30: Thoughts on international expansion instead of domestic focus 25:30: Brexit 27:00: Competitors entering the market 29:30: Impact of Covid 32:00: Shifting people to online instead of retail 35:30: Family and business 37:30: What to try at Joe & Seph's

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